Who We Are

Boost Confidence & Feel Revitalised

Established in the heart of Los Angeles, Kenig Alcone has grown to be one of the most reputable beauty clinics in the area. Through combining traditional expertise with the latest, innovative technology, a customisable list of treatments have been created for clients to enjoy. Each has been carefully selected to ensure that clients can leave Kenig Alcone feeling not only relaxed, but thoroughly revitalised, confident and ready to take on anything that they may be faced with!

With every appointment comes a tailored treatment plan, which is created bespoke to client requirements. We encourage all clients to take advantage of their initial consultation to discuss desired results, along with potential contraindications, to ensure that they are thrilled with their experience.

To guarantee unbeatable results, all team members are fully trained with years of experience and a dedication to remaining true perfectionists. They share a passion for the beauty industry, consistently researching new trends to incorporate into our beauty salon and introduce to our clients.

What Makes Our Blog Unique?

Expert Beauty Therapists

Not only are our team members fully trained beauty therapists but also reputable treatment trainers. This means that they have extensive knowledge of the most effective techniques.

One-To-One Treatments

When booking a set of sessions with Kenig Alcone, you will be partnered with the same specialist throughout your journey with our clinic, meaning that they can tailor the treatment to you.

Range Of Treatments

We endeavour to provide a versatile selection of treatments, including beauty favourites such as waxing and lashes, along with specialist treatments such as laser hair removal and dermaplaning.

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